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Albion Online: being accessible for more players

These look like some great changes. I feel like the combat/skills in this game are simple enough (read, not complex) that in order to keep things fresh/interesting, we need easy access to multiple weapons/armor combinations.

There are people who want insanely long grinds for gear/tiers, thinking that this will increase longevity of the game/play-ability. This is true for a very small percentage of players who play the game as a full time job. For the much larger majority population this leads to boredom, feeling like they are "too far behind", and feeling like there is a wall of time that they aren't willing to invest in a hobby to be able to have fun and be competitive,they are more like the Cheap Albion Online Silver.

There is a sweet spot of having progression to work towards, and being accessible for more players. In the end, the grind shouldn't be the focus of the game. The PvP/Combat should be engaging/fun and that should be the focus. Look to popular MOBAS for a lesson in how fun gameplay will make up for lack of linear character progression. Instead of getting stats, players shine through their teamwork/game knowledge/ and skill.

SI is moving in the right direction. They are looking for that sweet spot on the albion online gold shop. Now all they need to do is really focus on making combat fun, because right now PvP is the only thing (not gathering, not PvE) that is really FUN in this game.

Good. Then the PvP can be the focus instead of spending hours walking around clicking on nodes. Also if we want to try new weapons/lines we can feel like we didn't waste half a lifetime by switching over.

Theres good sides to both of it, I don't like flying through the tiers though, it'll probably burn people out faster once they feel they've gone to the 'endgame'.

Albion Online:It was so successful as a game mechanic

The idea of green, yellow, red, and black zones seems good (if maybe a little over complicated). I'd suggest re-examining this concept and perhaps simplifying it to green and yellow and black. Or perhaps have red zones as a border to black zones in which players can go for small scale pvp (with appropriate motivators and rewards to small scale pvpers). I would also like to suggest that the idea of "even" fights should be encouraged, while the typical definition of ganking and griefing should be actively punished (by gameplay mechanics rather than by gms and bans).

With the current map, travel to and from black zones needs to be rethought. I'd suggest a boat system that makes traveling to and from albion online gold market. If you want to gank me a steals my lootses, you have to do that before I reach the boat out of the black zones. But, if you make it such a PITA to get to the black zones, you never get to loot me at all

I would suggest that the draw and reward of being in an hcpvp zone is to pvp -- if the draw isn't present in the game's design, this can't be fixed with bandaids like loot drops and pve dungeons, but instead the design itself must be re-examined. DAoC, while not hardcore pvp, had a very intense and very active pvp game. People played for years and years and years (in fact, many still do, more than a decade after the game "ended"). No one was ever in a pvp zone who did not want to be in a pvp zone. Yes, there were zergs, and there were motivations for being there that impacted the pve game, but nothing that forced someone out there before they were ready. In addition, players who wanted to pvp could ONLY do so in those zones. That was very much part of why it was so successful as a game mechanic.

I don't want all this to come across as negative or ranting -- I am truly enjoying the game I've seen so far. I like the old-school feel. Having said that, I do think it could be more fun to buy Cheap Albion Online Silver. I haven't been here long, so my take on the game is unbiased by what came before -- at the same time, I don't know the history or what was originally intended by the decisions that led to this version of the game. I'm also looking at this from the long term perspective of a game industry vet who wants this game to succeed in the marketplace and be around a long time for me to play. I don't want to invest time and money in another game with great promise that dries up in a couple of months.

Albion Online: Level the playing field

Alts are only powerful in the first month or two. After that, everybody will be able to craft their own items anyways. After 6 months, everybody will be able to craft everything, because low tier mats are no longer needed in the same amount, so they are cheap or easy to get.

TIME is the limiting factor to what a player can accomplish.If someone has 10 alts but only plays 2 hours per day, his 10 alts are completely useless.If I'm on a guild's A-GvG-team, then I need Albion Online Powerleveling all of my online time to keep up. This will keep me from using my alts anyways.What you people don't get is that having alts is only a competitive advantage for guilds that actively boost their crafters. Or players that play an absurd amount of time and have time to gather. And only during the first few months of the game.

There are very few of such players/guilds. And the time in which alts give a competitive advantage is very short.So you guys are totally exaggerating the effect on the game in the medium to long term. You are only looking at the super short term.I suggest closing this thread since it is turning into a discussion about LP while the OP asked a question about multiple alts and got an answer.

Off topic, on the current discussion in this thread.
1. people asked for alts; people got alts.
2. casual players complained about not being able to keep up with non-casual gamers, hence the LP system to level the playing field.

Unfortunately pairing 2 with 1 means you can do a whole lot more with alts that have premium, becoming "self sufficient" faster. If you want the fastest progression, you don't have time to fiddle with alts and rely on your guild or AH to provide you with whatever you can't get yourself.Any mmo without stat loss upon death is all about the short term. Long term means nothing, because everyone will eventually be maxed out. All that matters at that point is the gear and the ability to albion online silver farming.

So having a constant system that gives you points without doing nothing allows you short term to do multiple things. No need to get testy, that's just the facts.If you don't think the short term is important, you are entitled to your opinion. You like the way its set up, rock on. I disagree.

I like the idea of the LP, but having it spread on 3 toons, on one account is not a good idea...make LP limited to the account, or limit the account to 1 toon.

Albion Online: Many games offer a lot of diversity

For me the game is already good as it is, I was talking in favor of those who feel bored, but I do not. I AM NOT BORED, I ENJOY THE GAME. I understand some ppl are bored but that's because there is difference among people. This just means that the game is not objectively spoken a boring game.

Of course it is good if few people get bored. I have witnessed a lot of betas and this is one of the most solid that i have seen. If a game like ESO succeeded, which was a complete mess even after launch, how then can a well structured game as AO fail?

Many games offer a lot of diversity at launch but fail to get it all working properly, these games die often, unless they work hard an manage to fix it in albion online gold market. Its better the other way around, and imo AO nailed it.

Of cause the population dropping quickly. People don't want to spend their time on something will be deleted in three months. Why you even spend your time grinding hours per day and then get deleted.Unless you have a guild in Black Zone and could do some real GVG, otherwise I see no reason to grind in Albion right now.

Well i think most of us are planning to grind a lot at first, check stuff out then slow down and just keep an eye on updates and wait for launch. I am shutting down soon for sure. My guild is not planning to go much higher then t6.

1. Its a grindy game that requires quite soem stamina because rewards and feeling of success comes at a slow rate. Especially if you are playing alone, in small guilds or even solo.

2. Its the Beta and the game is away 3 months from release. The Devs have shown how they enlarged the world since spring massively and now thats done and they can focus on more content and polishing. Seeing what they ve been able to acheive in 4 months (world and other AO Silver) I m sure there will be much more positive development untill release.

3. Its Beta... Pepple just dont wanna grind and play hardcore, invest precious RL time to build things, communties, guids, warfare structures, etc AND then see it all wiped in very near fututure. A large portion of the players who have stoped playing (its undeniable that a lot players have quit during last 7 days) just dont wanna waste too much of their time on the game now but are going to be back with a longer lasting motivation when the game releases. I m absolutelly not surprised that AO Beta player base was going to decrease. Its a grindy sandbox game and its far away fromt he point to be perfektly optimized.

I personally wont be playing intensivelly but I can assure you that i m going into full hardcore mode in terms of spending hours once AO releases because I know that there wont be further wipes and that everything I grind for will be NOT lost. AO will never have a permanent playerbase even after release thats as big as the numbers during first 5 days of Beta. I think noone with knowlegde about the MMO genre even expected that. If the Albion world manages to Buy Albion Online Silver have about 50k active acountsit will be totally sufficient and I m pretty sure that the player base is there for sucha game. Especially the posibility to paly it while traveling/mobile will rbing a large amount of players to play the game on a long term basis. Ofc this might be all wrong and Albion is doomed. Who knows... Check on the game in 3 months and compare it to the current state and you will know what prognosis became real.

Don't mind it that much either in Albion

Can get to t5 gear in a few hours and then unless you want to spend your entire life gathering to unlock t6 tools there's pretty much nothing to do but sit in your territory and duel... not even seeing people in open world much now, unless you count the 12 Baka sitting at the gates for the one person an hour to ride into the city。

Agree with this.. While devs said want to promote small and mid guild before wipe, and now the game state itself encourage zerging.. Not only mentioned above, but also because the albion online gold market in outlands still broken as mentioned by boa and guilds need to keep gathering team and gvg team do their own focused task and this need more members to support gvg, which is impossible for guild to stay small.

1. Don't mind it that much either, although it can feel quite empty/lonely sometimes.

2. I disagree, but thats because my guild specifically has experienced the biggest flaw in this. In one planned attack, either defense or attack, either side can end up with 3-4 more territories or even more than that, all based from albion online gold shop for one single attack. This current system is either buggy, or so incredibly flawed that it is quite unfair. In one night one of our teams got steamrolled in most of these games, we lost a bunch of zones from just a single attack. Few days later they attack our main plot, we take back the territories by steamrolling them, but since only one initial GvG was planned, both sides had trouble with having enough gear for the fights. Sure you might say its balanced since we both took zones from eachother, but it shouldn't work like this. It promotes extra zerging, and makes it unfair for the smaller guilds/alliances that already have trouble farming a proper set for the one GvG game that was planned. You can actually if the same team keeps defending, and attacking, and retaliating back and forth take someones whole territory in one single fight, because thats how the retaliation system works right now. Realistically this is obviously not going to happen, but the chance is still there, and there shouldn't be. It is an unfair, zergy friendly system that is heavily flawed.

5. He is right, as a 'hardcore' player it can be really boring at times, especially during some playtimes you cannot go to the city because it gets so heavily camped/bug abused that its not fun. Sometimes you never run into people, solo pvp is pretty much gone, small group roaming is gone, the game is now more about the AO Silver and crafting/gathering than promoting the small time pvp. Everyone is just bunched up in zergs because thats the easiest way to win fights, and the zergs barely fight against eachother because they don't want to risk losing, the maps are too big, the playerbase feels too small.

Some people play different, Blackboa has experienced everything this game has to offer in the 'endgame' and everyone pretty much agrees with him. The game in its current state is broken, and promotes very boring gameplay.

Albion Online: The LP not really helping much

When everybody can craft everything, the problem you're talking about will no longer exist.

Had the game been launched in December '15, there would not be any problem whatsoever with alts right now. The competitive advantage from getting crafters and gatherers up fast would simply be irrelevant.The "problem" you are percieving right now will only last for a month or two to Buy Albion Online Gold. Hence, the problem is so small that its negligible. Since the game will spend 1% of its lifetime with your problem. And 99% of its lifetime without it.

Yes, there is a problem. But its a small one. Its not a big enough problem to warrant huge changes to core mechanics that you are suggesting.Suggest a fix that fixes the problem without damaging the game overall, and we can talk.

I think the LP is making the game pace into a faster pace, so the player able to proceed into PvP faster. So the LP only allow the low tier player faster going into a middle tier player. In long run the LP doesn't really help much. But it will still better if they increase the LP spent or turn down the LP recover, will minimize the effect.I think allow all the account share the same LP and the private island will solve the alts problem in the same account. However this will not stop the player who has more than 1 account.

In long run/late game, the LP not really helping much. Having 2 account are just like 2 player playing 2 character.

You guys are talking like once people get things maxes out there is nothing else to do. By the time a good amount of users have maxed out a few lines in the destiny board and start asking for more Albion Online Gold, it's likely the SI will introduce expansions which could include higher cap, higher tiers, new activities. Average mmo has a 3 to 5 years active lifecycle, perhaps after that once population will get very small as most of users have moved to other games, then they will put it in a maintenance mode with minimal to no updates and move to a new project.

The main reason I would like the LP system to be eliminated from the game is because players will be able to progress at a rate so fast that new players won't have a place in the game and once some users run out of premium and don't want to buy it once again they are going to be at a HUGE disadvantage. I am trying to look out for all players of Albion and want to see new players continously coming in.

Albion Online: Epic Founders Pack, Is it worth it?

Usually in games founder pack gives a player something more than just the game. You get stuff you cant get later and better benefits like premium time, gold and such things. If you know you are going to play this game for sure, then you should consider to buy pack you want. You can also upgrade your package to higher one later. You can get all the same benefits to beta and release. So you can spend all your gold during beta for example and get it all back to release.

So if you know you are going to Buy Albion Online Gold at some point, i suggest you to do it now. You get more benefits and you can test things through during beta and then you are more experienced when the game releases. You can make yourself a gameplan to make better career choises. Or maybe you find a guild in beta, which helps your start at release.

Ok there is some more reason for sure and allways there could be even more. Maybe some events, world bosses or something like that to lure more people to outlands. Now it was also idea that outland is not for everybody, like Royal islands aint either. Ofc pk's who camps at black city gates is a problem, but also something that just happens. Maybe some changes to gate mechanics would be nice idea.

The issue with buffing black zones is that it will give the people who are there an absolutely massive snowball advantage. For people playing in yellow/red it may be fine since they are entirely irrelevant anyway but for those of us living up in black we can go albion online silver farming end game mats in the tiles our holdings are in and/or immediately adjacent to. This is probably enough of an incentive to be in black.

That being said it shouldn't take 14 tiles to find a 4/5 5.3 tree.

Also to reiteratre the OP concept about giving incentive for people to come there: People have to come there if they want any sort of relevance in the game.

Larger breasts size

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Haters who should leave this Blade And Soul Gold post and Lovers who can appreciate the proper chest size.
Here I want to continue where this forgotten topic ended

The reasoning behdin, why properly larger breasts are needed for this game is this. Blade and soul is a mmo title, game that caught the players attention by its visually stunning graphic, which important part were indeed female breasts. It is objectively known fact, that everyone who ever played this game, and went to character creation, played with their character at least once by spinning it around and watching those nicely shaped objects jiggle. So yes female breasts are the selling point of this game, denying it, is absurd, just look on all the story characters, costumes etc.. Also it is necessary to take into account the demography of player base, which are mostly males.
I would also like to point out that this topic should be spared of silly comments or arguments about health problems etc., since this is a fantasy and shoud be accepted in those lines, no realism included, if you want a mmo with more realistic human body visuals, well than see you in BDO. If you are one of those people who feel mentally and socially uncomfortable about big breasts, this game offers you your flat chested sliders, and if you want females without breasts at all, you are simply weird, but basicly you don't have to watch. Also I wanted to mention, that tall characters with maxed sliders for breasts, make them still look small, inappropriate.

Putting aside these for some bitter or not arguments, here is the absolute reason why larger breasts size option is a must and a reasonable demand.
And that is the MONEY.
Let's be honest here, video game companies don't make games to entertain you, but to earn money, to profit as much as possible, reasonably accepted by the fact that we all live in this economy driven world, you like it or not. Bigger breasts are a popular demand by part of the player base, so I suggest this for all the game developers who listen: make a paid service/option/item for increasing the bust size of one's character, and thus make a profit. For a professional developer, such minor changes must be a matter of few hours of work. This way profit will equal entertainment, which gives it a reason to pass. Win win situation for both sides in a game, and I want to point that out again, main selling point is visuals.

Without further due
I wish you all nice day

Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

So, I'll start this out by saying that I am a female competitive MMO gamer Cheap Blade And Soul Gold who has actively hated the "cute" race in basically every MMO ever.
BUT....for some reason, I decided to make a Male Lyn after a bottle of wine last night.....
I played him to level 10, logged to character creator, bought premium, bought max character slots, filled them all with male Lyns, and bought, literally every male costume from the costume shop for ALL of them, and created back stories for them all. >.>
Idk what happened. Idk if it's b/c the character creator allows me to make super evil looking Male Lyns, or if it's their animations or what, but I can't get enough of them @.@
Am I the only one with this problem!?

Purchased every costume, max char. slots.... While the only "cute" race I've ever stood to make were the Asura in GW2 (cause they're all assholes). Never went as far as to invest that much into one race the week of launch....

Many blessings to you and your male Lyn army

I've surprised myself actually. I don't usually go for the cutesy race but it was the only way for me to play a Summoner so I took the leap. Picked male and tried to make something that looked nature themed, forest green cats eyes, bark colored hair for a tree theme to add to the nature look. Almost feel like some sort of Fey creature from the D&D universe.

I like it. I think they're a bit more unique as you expect the cutesy races to be made up of mostly female players, picking tiny female Lyn with a kitty lol.

All of my Lyn are either following a story line of demonic possession bending them to the will of darkness so that they need/want to take over the world or evil druids lol.

LOL. I became obsessed with my character too! I went from a cute lyn to a mean looking one and I was like yes. This is it. LOL

then again we have ''subliminal'' messaging on this forum!!! THERES LYNS EVERYWHERE cause Buy Blade And Soul Gold of these profile pictures! xDDDD




Excuse my raging, and i'm probably going to feel stupid later on for posting this but this is what i feel right now. :)

Isn't this sort of thing standard for an MMO launch? I couldn't get into FFXIV for hours when it came out. It'll get better after the initial rush of players.
Yes, but usually you are at least able to get into a queue. Even if the queue is something like 5000 something in line. I know World of Warcraft had a horrendous queue on its last expansion and I remember staying in a queue for like 24 hours.

It's the launch date of a game that has been advertised to weeks, maybe months even. Wouldn't they know to expect the amount of people that would come try out the game for the first time? Isn't this just a great first impression though?

I understand the frustration. You look forward to Cheap BNS Gold playing a game for so long, and then are forced to stare at a character screen for hours on end. But believe me, it could be a lot worse. I've seen some horrendous MMO launch days, wherein sitting on a que was the least of your worries. All things considered, at least the game actually runs well when you are fortunate enough to get in. The downtime monster hasn't reared its ugly head, and that's a very good thing given its launch day.

Look on the bright side, at least your chosen game has tons of players to play with. Makes waiting for it worth while don't you think?

I like how everyone's complaining about the same thing that happens in almost every single mmo launch. FFXIV ARR had much worse connectivity issues. Imagine sitting and clicking to try to log in, and the game won't even PUT you in the queue...and you PAID for the game.

This game is free. Calm your tits.