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POE: Labyrinth was like campaign

I think its fun, maybe some more rewards would be cool though (waiting to see those changes). I really really really dont get all this trap whining.. THEY RE SO EASY. If you practise some runs and figure out what is going on (places you can stand, places you should run), you ll never ever ever die again by traps. EVER.

Izaro on the other hand, i think its bad.. Characters with medium gear and builds should be able to kill him, in my oppinion.. I dont want to wait till lvl 90 or something to get my points. So mostly, i pay for the merciless Lab run by the time im done with the quests.. and then when my char is grown big, i can do some solo runs for fun.

From my experience on new content, i expect endgame Izaro to be unplayable. Only OP, meta builds will be able to kill him blah blah blah.. build diversity blah blah blah.. accessible content blah blah blah.

hc is all about judging situations picking your fights..this is the complete opposite i just run like a headless chicken and pray i dont get hit with the Path of Exile Chaos Orb..awesome mechanic the faster i am the less chance of getting hit. to me the lab feels like a slap in the face for the already dieing hardcore community give lab the hardcore pvp treatment and i stop bitching but this random dodge or die shit is so obnoxious.

i like the lab, it's design, artwork and athmosphere. it adds alot to the game play and gives poe a totally new aspect which makes it differ from other games. it's ok that it's hated by some elite players because this opens the possibility of players who don't mind lab running to sell profitable enchantments, a stragegy ggg already used with corrupted area fragments.

For me Labyrinth was like campaign, like another act. I goes through it around 20 times till I understood boss mechanic and finished on Merciless. Enjoyed it for first two runs of full clear, after was enjoying only boss fights - I run through labyrinth to reach Izaro. Boss challenge was great, good time there, enjoyed it very.

When I acquired Ascendancy points I went there for enchantments for my gear 5 times later, but it was boring and it brought no entertainment or reward for me. I felt it like waste of time that I could invest in leveling or trading.

I have checked what enchantments can be obtained on poe wiki and when I saw that list long few pages I felt amused and labyrinth for me is closed book from that time.

I believe new labyrinth will be entertaining as part of campaign with new boss fight, but when I get 2 more points I believe I will go there only for xp. But if those xp wont be good enough in sense of time investment, I going to pass it again.

Since lab has been added I pretty much only run maps long enough to get my level up. Otherwise I just run the lab to Buy Chaos Orb, I feel the design is pretty good, though there are a few trap layouts that somewhat undoable for some builds. The somewhat steady layout and timer lets you fairly easily tell if you are improving in your ability to do it, which I find pleasing.

Its extremely profitable if you can run it fast. On a good day doing 4+ keys runs you can make quite a bit from thh currency drops at the end alone. Tie that in with the occasional good item drop and enchant and it has been vastly more profitable than maps for me, I made over 200c in a coupla hours the other day just selling winds of change that were dropping from the guaranteed lab unique chest. It does however require you to be able to run it fast for it to truly shine, so your results may be different (Im often in the top 5 of the merc lab times).

Trove: they are taking the credit of finishing the dungeon

I have taken up a pass time and have some great vids ( without even knowing it that play.) - but I'm getting bored am looking forward to have my fun - my ideas are blow them into dungeon with bombs watch them die (if someone else tries to be nice and respawn you can bomb them thru world - specially in element worlds ) right after you grab YOUR rewards ... blow the bottom out... easily updoable but still, i love watching them fall.

honestly, if someone's gonna leech off me i'd prefer if they stayed on top of the dungeon. like a few others have said, it is EXTREMELY annoying losing aggro to someone who's gonna start running the enemies all over the room because they're too weak

if a person's being an standing right next to me not helping i'll respawn, or if someone's bragging about their leeching in world chat i might do the bomb thing, but other than that... meh. also try not to get too zealous on someone you don't know for the Cheap Trove Flux sure is leeching - as my fae i like building little towers to stand on to reduce the amount of kiting i have to do, but good god do people jump to the "leecher" conclusion fast. i can't exactly help if you're bombing my feet, buddy.

I don't have a huge problem with leechers but it does bother me when I'm dungeon-ing and they wait for me to do all the work, like the OP said. Leeching means they are taking something away from you right? Well I guess in a way, they are taking the credit of finishing the dungeon when they didn't contribute at all --- you did.

One example of when leeching gets on my nerves is when I was doing radiant shard farming with a group of several people and out of the maybe 10 people, 6-7 of them were sitting in the middle grabbing all the loot while the rest of us hurry around trying to get all the shards before the timer runs out. The crappiest part is that these sitting ducks leave the farm early to go to another one, start it without the people who are actually doing the work and not letting any of us have enough time to catch up. Granted in smaller groups this may not be a problem but you never know...this mentality that it's okay to sit there and get loot that other people get for you (without permission/effort) just says something.

it is like this: you have to take the truck from x to y place, then unload it. a guy randomly sits into your truck and travels with you then leaves when you stop at the gas station. you get 500 flux for doing this job, the guy was going to a job interview and got a job that pays the same ammount. he also bought a lottery ticket and he might win the lottery. so why be mad for him travelling with you?

I don't like the think of leechers as bad people, just not good enough to play themselves. This is why I have recently started talking them through how to play the game, describe the keyboard and mouse so they know what to press through the Trove Flux for sale, and show them how to do basic actions (ie: "in front of you is something called a keyboard, it has a lot of numbers and letters on it, find the letter that looks like two arrows point down. This is called W and is used to move forward, not in real life though, only in the game"....). Oddly most do not take too kindly to my guidance; no idea why when I am only trying to help them do something they are clearly incapable of doing. I will even take time out of my day to invite them to my cornerstone to show how benches work. If leechers act like they can not play they game they should be treated as such.

I was out doing dungeons (non-challenge) trying to get gem and gear upgrades. After a while, a leech appears and enters the dungeon with me, but doesn't help. As I moved down and got to the boss, he still didn't help. Shortly after the boss spawned his helpers, the leech took agro. He had maybe 3-4 mobs on him, but was too weak to fight them off. So, I let him die. Bye bye leech. Go back to a Uber tier you can manage.

Trove: much of cap can easily conflict with your schedule depending on where you live

Well I already had issues with that. You just know people paid hundreds to get more empowered gem boxes for DDEs. Considering it affects power and the leaderboards, that is quite bs and what I classed as p2w. I think it defeats the whole spirit of a game. I also display f2p games use of either making things ridiculously grindy, or completely limited by dailies/weeklies. In regards to trove it means for certain things at a certain point, you feel like you're making no progress at all unless you get lucky.

The majority of players DO NOT play more than 10 hours a day. The majority are casuals and most people go to school or work. With that and a decent amount of sleep that's 16 hours give or take, then you're left with 8 hours to eat, clean, do chores, do other stuff you want to do, travel, take care of kids/pets, ideally socialise, etc. That goes for any game, especially in the west.

While there are people who no life the game, especially at the top end, they are certainly in the minority. Also even if you did no life the game, a daily with that much of cap can easily conflict with your schedule depending on where you live and what you buy Trove Flux. I could probably do it, but I completely disagree with giving more advantage for a limited selection of players.

First of all just no... Second hell no..... you give a inch and people want a mile. DDE shards never should have been brought into the game in the first place. There pwr should have been removed from challenges and dragons kept as rare as they are now and as intended. We begged for shards saying we want a way and did not care how long it took as long as it was a guarantee for a dragon. We get it and now complain we want more freebie events for more free shards... no way... I am stuck with one dragon and getting screwed every week on the contest boards but I know when enough is enough.

These dragons were not made for everyone to have in a month or two. Some rich people and dam lucky people already have all 3 and are reaping all the rewards but the only way to even the fields is to remove the power from the challenges or give everyone dragons. The best and honest way to be fare to everyone would be remove the pr from the contests to Buy Trove Flux and make a even playing field but they will never admit a mistake and found another way to make money with the DDE shard pack in the store. I am done now just pissed over all of it.

so your saying that anyone with the dragons should just have thier power confiscated, anyone without them should be forced into RNG hell to get them, and that fun little events with interesting rewards are bad?

"Fun little events"? Contests where it's all based on power and luck? I think it's absolutely no fun whatsoever in seeing your cubits go down faster than the speed of light just to get entered into the only way to gain power after a certain time in the game.

Trove: the formula for the effect damage increase

As the rate of attack for Rapt is one second you do not need to multiply by anything as 1x=x. Since you are looking at per seconds and the attack rate follows this there is no need to add additional numbers when the result would be the same.

The second part is a bit more complicated. Assuming the player is mastery 300 that means they have 60% base damage bonus. Now as Chronomancer is a magic ally and Rev is a physical class, the 20% damage bonus does not apply while for Rapt it does. The formula for the effect damage increase is (x+y)/y where X is the additional bonus (ally and passive) and Y is the passive bonus. This shows that Rapt with passive is (1.6+0.5+0.2)/1.6= 1.4375 and Chronomancer is only (1.6+0.5)/1.6= 1.3125. The thing to remember in Trove is that the listed bonus is never the effective bonus.
A simple example of this is by using 100 base damage. With a 60% bonus it is up to 160 damage now. If you add a 20% bonus it goes to 180 damage which is to be expected. Problem is that the jump from 160 damage to 180 damage is not in fact 20% so you did not gain that much. Instead it is (1.8/1.6)= 1.125 or 12.5% increase. As the 60% bonus is unchanging once you reach it, that is your base and display value and what most players go off of.

The reason I use ((40-7-7)/1.25) instead of ((40/1.25)-7-7) is that all negative cooldowns still count as cooldowns. This means that Chronomantic, the Boomerangers boomerang and ult gems all get reduced through the Trove Flux for sale if Chronomancer or any other cooldown reduction is applied. This brings Chronomantic to 5.6 seconds which means that the ultimate (32 seconds now) is reduced by 5.6 twice totaling 20.8 seconds. Have a long post on how cooldowns and reductions work over here.

The 25 and the 50 come from the ultimate damage. The 25 is the damage that the explosions give off while the 50 is the DoT of the swirl and as they both attack 1.5 times per second it is multiplied as such.
The reason why I am multiplying this damage by (10/20.8) is simply because of timing for overall DPS. As you will only every have the ultimate up for 10 seconds out of 20.8 that means you have a 48% uptime, or for easier understanding (10/20.8). This means that DPS value given accounts for time with and without the ultimate up. If you compute with only the ultimate up the value will be higher but not show the effects when it is off.

Feel free to ask any questions if you ever have any doubts. Post like this as actually great as it helps understanding on how certain game mechanics function as well as how they are viewed by the general playerbase.

I read your reply and I think I'm beginning to understand this. The Dmg bonuses are calculated in terms of the Cheap Trove Flux to total dmg to give a more accurate yield of dps. The cooldown was a little shocking to see it functioned that way but it did indeed check out in-game. It's a shame it reduces the effectiveness of the chronomantic emblem. The 25 and 50 is just the .25x and .50x of the ultimate, im disappointed that I didn't figure that one out on my own haha.

I got already all requirements. It is morely a question out of curiousity so I can give better suggestions to new players who favor Rev. If a 20% dmg ally is even without class gem delivering less dps than raptor, then there is no point in suggesting raptor in first place - or on the other side: it can be suggested to aim for queb from the beginning.

Trove: the reasons for the rise of the patron price increase

The rise of the patron price increase comes down to two things, first of all the increased demand caused by the extra added bonuses that are received from patron (35 boxes till karma on gem boxes, or the 100% magic find bonus for example), the issue about patron being a necessity is a whole other discussion, second of all, patron passes basically get added to Buy Trove Flux with the game by people who buy them with real life currencies and sell them for in-game currencies (in this case flux), now the problem is that for those people its much more benefitial to sell other items like Greater Dragon Caches, or Costume Mystery boxes, those 2 for example at the moment sell for a credit to flux ratio of around 1:150.

By looking at this is clear that the price of patron would adjust to this ratio, especially considering its high demand, now the potential solution, without diminishing Trions income through in-game sales (it will probably even increase sales so more money for them) is to have either more regular sales on the items that are now increasing the credit to flux ratio (again items like Greater dragon caches) or to include those with more frequency into Chaos Chest Rotations, this second option would regardles be less atractive for Trion but would give the same result, overral making the game a bit easier for F2P players, and let's not forget, almost every F2P player will get patron sometime, and that patron had to be bought by a paying player, so F2P players are a big necesity to sustain this game.

That's just ridiculous. Yes it's RNG. But it's a grindable form of RNG. To get 1 really good gem with patron will on average take half the time as a non patron but still highly dependant on rng. Getting a full set of good gems is still based on RNG, but you're less likely to buy trove items be get lucky with them all. Basically almost everyone without patron is going to have a much worse time than people with patron.

Basically what you're saying is that if you were paid in raffle tickets, and other people got more tickets, it'll be fine because either of you can get the top prize.

If the patron current cost is 500k why not add 3 day patron to chaos chest? that would fix some of the patron price issues.And also help some people that may only play weekends.

Trove: what keeps its DPS high is the ult net damag

Going to say this straight away for those wondering, DT wins in both short and long term comparisons but requires a certain build to make it work. Assuming both classes have the class gem and full AS Stellar gear (no AS dragons) it is easy to show how the two add up. Before we begin I must clarify that the DT will be using the Unleashed+Chronomantic combo to get the ultimate down to a 2 second cooldown. Gunslinger does not have ant such builds so I can not give it anything more.

GS ultimate only: (750*2.5*(1.87*.75))= 2629.69 DPS
GS average DPS over ultimate cycle (40s): ((750*2.5*(1.87*.75))*(10/40))+((133*2.5*1.87)*(30/40))= 1123.75 DPS

DT ultimate only: ((425*2)+(350*2*2.5))= 2600 DPS
DT average DPS over ultimate cycle (26s): (((425*2)+(350*2*2.5))*(24/26))+(((425*2)+(100*2*2.25))*(2/26))= 2500 DPS
DT average DPS without build (40s): (((425*2)+(350*2*2.5))*(24/40))+(((425*2)+(100*2*2.25))*(16/40))= 2080 DPS

What makes DT so special and what keeps its DPS high is the ult net damage. This is a guaranteed 850% DPS bonus as long as you keep with Cheap Trove Flux (it even works after ult turns off). The extra AS increase the ultimate gives as well as the duration makes it more powerful both in short and drawn out fights over the higher coefficient that GS gets. GS is still very strong but its specialty of high burst damage is now surpasses by near the same DPS but having it be overall instead of short term.

both have very simualr damage output but I would say that DT is better for farming, while GS has better possible damage for sts.
due to gs ult been 10sec you can use 4 charges of arcane in that time, if used with a chaos vail and chronomatic emblem of the Trove Flux the cooldown completly while allowing a possible evil eye spawn.
if you have all dragons and the class gems and stellar attack speed gear, DT would have 230% attack speed (255% while in ult) while GS would have 199% (149% while ult):
comparing the damage from ults with the class gems:
GS: (2.5*0.75*1.99*7.5)= 27.984
DT: (4.25*2+3.5*2*2.55) = 26.35
so overall late game GS would be able to outdamage DT by a little and with the use of arcane+chaos+chrono that limits the amount of flask and possible usage of them (10*22/4=55 sec, add to that 8 sec for the 2sec cooldown leftover and you get a mere 63sec).minewhile DT is much better at farming because it can keep its ult and there for the damage up nearly all the time while farming.

Albion Online: being accessible for more players

These look like some great changes. I feel like the combat/skills in this game are simple enough (read, not complex) that in order to keep things fresh/interesting, we need easy access to multiple weapons/armor combinations.

There are people who want insanely long grinds for gear/tiers, thinking that this will increase longevity of the game/play-ability. This is true for a very small percentage of players who play the game as a full time job. For the much larger majority population this leads to boredom, feeling like they are "too far behind", and feeling like there is a wall of time that they aren't willing to invest in a hobby to be able to have fun and be competitive,they are more like the Cheap Albion Online Silver.

There is a sweet spot of having progression to work towards, and being accessible for more players. In the end, the grind shouldn't be the focus of the game. The PvP/Combat should be engaging/fun and that should be the focus. Look to popular MOBAS for a lesson in how fun gameplay will make up for lack of linear character progression. Instead of getting stats, players shine through their teamwork/game knowledge/ and skill.

SI is moving in the right direction. They are looking for that sweet spot on the albion online gold shop. Now all they need to do is really focus on making combat fun, because right now PvP is the only thing (not gathering, not PvE) that is really FUN in this game.

Good. Then the PvP can be the focus instead of spending hours walking around clicking on nodes. Also if we want to try new weapons/lines we can feel like we didn't waste half a lifetime by switching over.

Theres good sides to both of it, I don't like flying through the tiers though, it'll probably burn people out faster once they feel they've gone to the 'endgame'.

Albion Online:It was so successful as a game mechanic

The idea of green, yellow, red, and black zones seems good (if maybe a little over complicated). I'd suggest re-examining this concept and perhaps simplifying it to green and yellow and black. Or perhaps have red zones as a border to black zones in which players can go for small scale pvp (with appropriate motivators and rewards to small scale pvpers). I would also like to suggest that the idea of "even" fights should be encouraged, while the typical definition of ganking and griefing should be actively punished (by gameplay mechanics rather than by gms and bans).

With the current map, travel to and from black zones needs to be rethought. I'd suggest a boat system that makes traveling to and from albion online gold market. If you want to gank me a steals my lootses, you have to do that before I reach the boat out of the black zones. But, if you make it such a PITA to get to the black zones, you never get to loot me at all

I would suggest that the draw and reward of being in an hcpvp zone is to pvp -- if the draw isn't present in the game's design, this can't be fixed with bandaids like loot drops and pve dungeons, but instead the design itself must be re-examined. DAoC, while not hardcore pvp, had a very intense and very active pvp game. People played for years and years and years (in fact, many still do, more than a decade after the game "ended"). No one was ever in a pvp zone who did not want to be in a pvp zone. Yes, there were zergs, and there were motivations for being there that impacted the pve game, but nothing that forced someone out there before they were ready. In addition, players who wanted to pvp could ONLY do so in those zones. That was very much part of why it was so successful as a game mechanic.

I don't want all this to come across as negative or ranting -- I am truly enjoying the game I've seen so far. I like the old-school feel. Having said that, I do think it could be more fun to buy Cheap Albion Online Silver. I haven't been here long, so my take on the game is unbiased by what came before -- at the same time, I don't know the history or what was originally intended by the decisions that led to this version of the game. I'm also looking at this from the long term perspective of a game industry vet who wants this game to succeed in the marketplace and be around a long time for me to play. I don't want to invest time and money in another game with great promise that dries up in a couple of months.

Albion Online: Level the playing field

Alts are only powerful in the first month or two. After that, everybody will be able to craft their own items anyways. After 6 months, everybody will be able to craft everything, because low tier mats are no longer needed in the same amount, so they are cheap or easy to get.

TIME is the limiting factor to what a player can accomplish.If someone has 10 alts but only plays 2 hours per day, his 10 alts are completely useless.If I'm on a guild's A-GvG-team, then I need Albion Online Powerleveling all of my online time to keep up. This will keep me from using my alts anyways.What you people don't get is that having alts is only a competitive advantage for guilds that actively boost their crafters. Or players that play an absurd amount of time and have time to gather. And only during the first few months of the game.

There are very few of such players/guilds. And the time in which alts give a competitive advantage is very short.So you guys are totally exaggerating the effect on the game in the medium to long term. You are only looking at the super short term.I suggest closing this thread since it is turning into a discussion about LP while the OP asked a question about multiple alts and got an answer.

Off topic, on the current discussion in this thread.
1. people asked for alts; people got alts.
2. casual players complained about not being able to keep up with non-casual gamers, hence the LP system to level the playing field.

Unfortunately pairing 2 with 1 means you can do a whole lot more with alts that have premium, becoming "self sufficient" faster. If you want the fastest progression, you don't have time to fiddle with alts and rely on your guild or AH to provide you with whatever you can't get yourself.Any mmo without stat loss upon death is all about the short term. Long term means nothing, because everyone will eventually be maxed out. All that matters at that point is the gear and the ability to albion online silver farming.

So having a constant system that gives you points without doing nothing allows you short term to do multiple things. No need to get testy, that's just the facts.If you don't think the short term is important, you are entitled to your opinion. You like the way its set up, rock on. I disagree.

I like the idea of the LP, but having it spread on 3 toons, on one account is not a good idea...make LP limited to the account, or limit the account to 1 toon.

Albion Online: Many games offer a lot of diversity

For me the game is already good as it is, I was talking in favor of those who feel bored, but I do not. I AM NOT BORED, I ENJOY THE GAME. I understand some ppl are bored but that's because there is difference among people. This just means that the game is not objectively spoken a boring game.

Of course it is good if few people get bored. I have witnessed a lot of betas and this is one of the most solid that i have seen. If a game like ESO succeeded, which was a complete mess even after launch, how then can a well structured game as AO fail?

Many games offer a lot of diversity at launch but fail to get it all working properly, these games die often, unless they work hard an manage to fix it in albion online gold market. Its better the other way around, and imo AO nailed it.

Of cause the population dropping quickly. People don't want to spend their time on something will be deleted in three months. Why you even spend your time grinding hours per day and then get deleted.Unless you have a guild in Black Zone and could do some real GVG, otherwise I see no reason to grind in Albion right now.

Well i think most of us are planning to grind a lot at first, check stuff out then slow down and just keep an eye on updates and wait for launch. I am shutting down soon for sure. My guild is not planning to go much higher then t6.

1. Its a grindy game that requires quite soem stamina because rewards and feeling of success comes at a slow rate. Especially if you are playing alone, in small guilds or even solo.

2. Its the Beta and the game is away 3 months from release. The Devs have shown how they enlarged the world since spring massively and now thats done and they can focus on more content and polishing. Seeing what they ve been able to acheive in 4 months (world and other AO Silver) I m sure there will be much more positive development untill release.

3. Its Beta... Pepple just dont wanna grind and play hardcore, invest precious RL time to build things, communties, guids, warfare structures, etc AND then see it all wiped in very near fututure. A large portion of the players who have stoped playing (its undeniable that a lot players have quit during last 7 days) just dont wanna waste too much of their time on the game now but are going to be back with a longer lasting motivation when the game releases. I m absolutelly not surprised that AO Beta player base was going to decrease. Its a grindy sandbox game and its far away fromt he point to be perfektly optimized.

I personally wont be playing intensivelly but I can assure you that i m going into full hardcore mode in terms of spending hours once AO releases because I know that there wont be further wipes and that everything I grind for will be NOT lost. AO will never have a permanent playerbase even after release thats as big as the numbers during first 5 days of Beta. I think noone with knowlegde about the MMO genre even expected that. If the Albion world manages to Buy Albion Online Silver have about 50k active acountsit will be totally sufficient and I m pretty sure that the player base is there for sucha game. Especially the posibility to paly it while traveling/mobile will rbing a large amount of players to play the game on a long term basis. Ofc this might be all wrong and Albion is doomed. Who knows... Check on the game in 3 months and compare it to the current state and you will know what prognosis became real.