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Petition for free server transfer for Mushin server

I believe the best solution is to just simply implement some sort of Account Storage for items. A free transfer seems a bit much to ask of them in such a short amount of time. But if they temporarily somehow made it to where you can cross-transfer storage even for a day, that would be enough for people toCheap BNS Gold pack their stuff and get the heck out of Mushin or whatever server and move on.

let us not forget that mmo means Massive Multiplayer Online. Note that breaking down servers to be non massive defeats the purpose. Problem solved would consist of something like making bigger servers adjusting those values. plugging in more hardware. learn from the fact that the line to log in was a massive upset in closed beta and move forward intuitively as a mmo gaming company. Is that going to far? peace and love or whatevs.. 6 active hours waiting to get in. yet to leave character screen I'm grumbly.

Server transfer's for all.

Sorry but no one wants to be slammed with the mushin queue on their server of players trying to get out from Mushin, so if server transfers were open and free, everyone could shift to find the server they like, which wont get bogged if only mushin is allowed transfers.

In addition to server transfers, maybe combine the low pop servers together so more server space can be used for all servers too. I saw the initial server spread of Mushin being in the 19k~20k pop while every other server are sub 5k. Assuming every server has the same cap as Mushin, there's a lot of unused space that can be repurposed for increasing server capacity of all rather than spreading everyone out.

I know NCSoft doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation in the industry, but it's mind boggling they can Buy BNS Gold mess up a launch this badly. It's far from their first turn at this and the game itself is close to 4 years old. There's no way they didn't know this would happen.

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