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Unhealthy Obsession with Male Lyn Characters

So, I'll start this out by saying that I am a female competitive MMO gamer Cheap Blade And Soul Gold who has actively hated the "cute" race in basically every MMO ever.
BUT....for some reason, I decided to make a Male Lyn after a bottle of wine last night.....
I played him to level 10, logged to character creator, bought premium, bought max character slots, filled them all with male Lyns, and bought, literally every male costume from the costume shop for ALL of them, and created back stories for them all. >.>
Idk what happened. Idk if it's b/c the character creator allows me to make super evil looking Male Lyns, or if it's their animations or what, but I can't get enough of them @.@
Am I the only one with this problem!?

Purchased every costume, max char. slots.... While the only "cute" race I've ever stood to make were the Asura in GW2 (cause they're all assholes). Never went as far as to invest that much into one race the week of launch....

Many blessings to you and your male Lyn army

I've surprised myself actually. I don't usually go for the cutesy race but it was the only way for me to play a Summoner so I took the leap. Picked male and tried to make something that looked nature themed, forest green cats eyes, bark colored hair for a tree theme to add to the nature look. Almost feel like some sort of Fey creature from the D&D universe.

I like it. I think they're a bit more unique as you expect the cutesy races to be made up of mostly female players, picking tiny female Lyn with a kitty lol.

All of my Lyn are either following a story line of demonic possession bending them to the will of darkness so that they need/want to take over the world or evil druids lol.

LOL. I became obsessed with my character too! I went from a cute lyn to a mean looking one and I was like yes. This is it. LOL

then again we have ''subliminal'' messaging on this forum!!! THERES LYNS EVERYWHERE cause Buy Blade And Soul Gold of these profile pictures! xDDDD

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